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Get the full picture: from your devices to your servers

A platform made for manufacturers and distributors of IoT devices.

Features and tools

Telemetry Data

Track everything: from devices online/offline status, to open ports, to disk space, to swap space, to memory space and to temperature.  You can also add custom parameters and custom disks for the platform to monitor.


Our algorithm uses you past data to predict when the device's disk space is about to run out and alerts you before it happens, so that you can take the necessary measures to make the dreaded "Disk is Full" error a thing of the past.


The i46 platform enables users to setup their own alerts and be notified when the alert conditions are met. For instance, users can program alerts to be notified when a device goes offline or a port is opened.

Verify the status of all of your devices and take action quickly when a device goes offline.

Status Dashboard - i46 Beta Program

The platform enables you to track up to 5 disks per device.
Based on previous data, the i46 platform can tell you when your devices disks are expected to be full.

Disk dashboard - i46 Beta Program

Verify the available memory of your devices.

Memory Dashboard - i46 Beta Program

Track your devices’ CPU to ensure that usage remains in acceptable ranges.

Visualize all of your devices on a dynamic map.

Dynamic Map - Beta i46 dashboard

Monitoring FAQ

To get started with i46 Monitoring, you will need to create an account and then add your systems and devices. Once this step has been completed, you can start tracking telemetry data and setting up alerts.

In order to add a new device to the platform, you need to be comfortable with the command terminal as you will need to execute two commands. 

In case that you run into any issue during device setup, our support team will be able assist you.

i46 store devices’ data on servers located in Europe (for cloud services). In the case of a private server, the customer can select the location. Collecting and storing your devices’ data enables i46 to provide features such as predictions (e.g: when will the disk of device 123 become full?) and detect anomalies that could be caused by an attack on your infrastructure.

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You can monitor as many devices as your subscription plans allow you to: from one device to a million devices.


You can set up alerts on the i46 platform to notify you when a telemetry metric exceeds a certain threshold. To set up an alert, you will need to do the following:

  • Select the telemetry metric that you want to monitor
  • Set the threshold value for the metric
  • Select the alert conditions
  • Select the notification methods

The benefits of using i46 platform include:

  • The ability to track telemetry data from a variety of systems and devices
  • The ability to set up alerts to notify you when there is a potential problem
  • The ability to predict future values of telemetry data
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Affordability

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