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Cyber compliance and resilience in one click.

An open-source platform made for manufacturers and distributors of IoT devices.

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Why is resilience hard to achieve?

Lack of resources

R&D budget is mostly dedicated to feature development, not security.

Lack of know-how

Cyber attacks get increasingly more sophisticated, experts are required to fight back.

Lack of interest

Cyber resilience does not typically rank high on manufacturers priority list.

This is about to change

Why resilience matters?

The cost of cyber attacks is increasing

By 2027, cybercrime will cost companies worldwide an estimated US$23.82 trillion, up from $8.44 trillion in 2022. This represents a 30% annual growth rate.

Customers are worried that their devices can be hacked

Studies suggest that cyber security is essential, 69% of respondents said that they would avoid company that had suffered of a data breach.

Legal compliance introduces high security requirements

New laws are being introduced all around the world to impose mandatory cyber security requirements. In the EU, the Cyber Resilience Act is one of them.

The i46 platform enables device manufacturers and distributors to secure their devices - which is just good business - and comply with regulations such as the Cyber Resilience Act

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Easily view how your IoT devices are performing.

Receive notifications when something happens on your devices.

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