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Comprehensive Support Beyond Certification

From Initial Analysis to Ongoing Security

Many certification bodies simply verify if a product meets a standard like CRA. Here at i46, we offer a full-service solution that goes far beyond mere verification. From Initial Analysis to Ongoing Security Our journey with you begins with a thorough analysis of your product to identify any potential compliance hurdles. We then assist in preparing all necessary certification documents such as the technical documentation and the EU declaration of conformity, ensuring a smooth process. Furthermore, we can even update your product's software if needed to maintain compliance with evolving regulations. Finally, we provide a comprehensive documentation package that fulfills all legal requirements. But our commitment doesn't end with certification. Unlike passive organizations that simply act as a bridge between manufacturers and authorities, i46 takes a proactive approach to security and transparency.

SBOM Generation

As an added layer of security and transparency, i46 also generates a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for your product. This comprehensive list details all components used in its development, facilitating risk management and promoting overall security. This service is performed initially during the first assessment and continuously monitored during the device lifetime.

Real-time Monitoring and Automatic Updates

We continuously monitor certified devices on an hourly basis, ensuring they remain compliant with CRA standards. This vigilance allows us to identify any security vulnerabilities that require attention. When updates are necessary, we can automatically implement them, streamlining the process and minimizing security risks. Throughout this process, both the manufacturer and the user, receive real-time updates on the status of your devices.

Guarding Your Reputation with Swift Response

We understand the critical impact of timely responses to security issues. Under CRA regulations, manufacturers have a limited 24-hour window to report any discovered security vulnerabilities. These reports can potentially become public, jeopardizing your reputation. At i46, we are dedicated to safeguarding your brand image. Our team works diligently to address any security weaknesses within this critical 24-hour window, aiming to resolve them before a public report becomes mandatory.

EU Authorized Representative Service for Non-European Companies

For companies outside the European Union, i46 also offers the vital service of an EU Authorized Representative. This designation allows you to place your products on the European market with complete confidence, as we handle all necessary interactions with European authorities on your behalf.

We make sure you can fully focus on your activity

By offering this comprehensive suite of services, i46 empowers you to navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance with confidence. We go beyond certification to ensure ongoing security and protect your brand reputation.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for companies with large number of devices or users. Contact us at sales@i46.io for more information.

No, you may stop at anytime during the process. For instance, you could stop after receiving the CRA compliance certificate and not subscribe to the early Compliance monitoring subscription.

  • An address in the EU (Prague) for authorities
  • Handling of reporting requirements to the authorities (e.g: a vulnerability has been discovered and must be reported, etc.)
  • Handling of product recall, if available
  • Yearly review of your products or software, to ensure that they remain in compliance

i46 has worked on various types of devices and software, so we are confident that we can bring your specific software or device to compliance. However, if this is not possible, we will let you after finishing the free assessment, so that you do not spend any money unecessarily.

We accept bank transfers and credit card payment.

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