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Initial Assessment

The initial assessment enables i46 to ensure that we can certify your product or software. This phase is 100% free.

🤍 Discovery of your device or software
🤍 Go / No-go decision

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Achieving Compliance
5,000€ ~ 17,500€

i46 helps you bring your product or software to compliance and establish an Authorized Representative mandate.

🤍 Vulnerabilities identified and fixed
🤍 Missing features identified and added
🤍 EU Declaration of Conformity
🤍 Technical Documentation
🤍 EU Authorized Representative

Preserving Compliance
10,000 € + 1€ per device per year

The CRA is a continuous certification. i46 enables you to remain compliant at all time, during your products lifetime.

🤍 i46.io server for continuous monitoring
🤍 Automatic updates distribution
🤍 CRA reporting requirements
🤍 Yearly checkups
🤍 Communication with EU authorities

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for companies with large number of devices or users. Contact us at sales@i46.io for more information.

No, you may stop at anytime during the process. For instance, you could stop after receiving the CRA compliance certificate and not subscribe to the early Compliance monitoring subscription.

  • An address in the EU (Prague) for authorities
  • Handling of reporting requirements to the authorities (e.g: a vulnerability has been discovered and must be reported, etc.)
  • Handling of product recall, if available
  • Yearly review of your products or software, to ensure that they remain in compliance

i46 has worked on various types of devices and software, so we are confident that we can bring your specific software or device to compliance. However, if this is not possible, we will let you after finishing the free assessment, so that you do not spend any money unecessarily.

We accept bank transfers and credit card payment.

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