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Worried About the Cyber Resilience Act? Get Your Free Assessment & Breathe Easy Again!

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The Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) is sending ripples through the IoT world, leaving many small manufacturers feeling overwhelmed by the compliance burden. But fear not! Here at i46, we understand your concerns, and we’re here to help you navigate the CRA landscape with confidence.


Free CRA Assessment ( €7500 value!):

We’re offering a limited number of companies a meticulous and comprehensive evaluation of their product or software, completely free of charge. This isn’t just a quick check-the-box exercise. Our team of experts will delve deep into every aspect:

  • Architecture: Assessing your product’s security foundation.
  • Security Posture: Evaluating current security measures and identifying vulnerabilities.
  • Development Processes: Analyzing your development practices for compliance adherence.
  • Data Handling: Ensuring your data management practices meet CRA standards.
  • Potential Vulnerabilities: Proactively identifying and addressing potential security weaknesses.


More Than Just a Report, a Roadmap to Compliance:

You won’t just receive a dry report. Our assessment culminates in a personalized action plan, outlining the specific steps you need to take to achieve full CRA compliance. This roadmap will provide you with the clarity and direction you need to move forward with confidence.


Why Are We Offering This?

We’ve heard your concerns loud and clear. Small and medium-sized IoT manufacturers are the backbone of the industry, and we believe they shouldn’t be left behind due to compliance complexities. We’re passionate about building a more secure IoT ecosystem, and that starts with empowering manufacturers like you.


Ready to Take Control?

Don’t wait until the pressure mounts. Claim your free CRA assessment today! Simply fill out the contact form here.

Limited spots are available, so act fast!



The Cyber Resilience Act doesn’t have to be a hurdle. With the right support and guidance, you can navigate the compliance process with ease. Take advantage of our free assessment, gain valuable insights, and chart a clear path towards a secure and compliant future for your IoT products.