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Make compliance a breeze with features developed specifically for the CRA

A platform made for manufacturers and distributors of IoT devices.

Features and tools


The creation of a Software Bill of Material is a mandatory requirement for all IoT devices. The platform enables you to semi-automatically issue an SBOM for your devices.

Remote control

The CRA mandates that devices must be updated automatically for security updates and semi-automatically for regular updates. The platform enables this type of remote control and others.

Reporting requirements

The platform enables the setup customer lists and notified body contacts to notify them automatically of any data breach or if any mandatory updates have been distributed. 

We help you achieve CRA compliance

CRA Certification

Once all the CRA requirements are met, such as those described above, the platform lets you download a certificate showing that your devices are compliant.

Distribute software updates to your customers and force the execution of critical security updates.

CRA compliance FAQ

By registering your devices on the i46 platform, you are automating your CRA compliance process, saving time, money and effort. 

In addition, by avoiding potential complications and penalties in the event of non-compliance, you will be able to concentrate 100% on your activity and grow your business.

You can monitor as many devices as your subscription plans allow you to: from one device to a million devices. You can add and remove devices at any time. 

Being CRA compliant will soon become compulsory if you want to sell electronic products connected to the Internet within the European Union. Failure to comply with the legislation could result in financial penalties of up to €15 million or 2.5% of the annual turnover, ban from the market, recall products and damages to your business reputation.

Obtaining our compliance certificate for your equipment is a great way of showing your partners and customers your goodwill and the attention you pay to your offer. This will increase the confidence people have in you, making you more credible and professional.

The i46 team is dedicated to providing continuous updates ensuring constant compliance. You will be notified of any upcoming updates.

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