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Phase 1: Product Assessment

Initial assessment
🕒1 day

Full Assessment
🕒2 to 4 weeks
7,500 euros

initial assessment
Initial Assessment > Goals

The Initial Assessment

Every journey begins with a single step. And with us, that first step towards compliance is remarkably swift, thorough, and completely free. The Initial Assessment a one-day dive into your product's security posture, designed to clarify your path forward.
Our dedicated experts will scrutinize your documentation, architecture, and development processes. Within a day, you will receive a clear roadmap for achieving a robust, CRA-compliant future.

Initial Assessment > Requirements


• General product description

• Pictures of the device
• Architecture and operating system,
• Remote Access to one device.

Initial Assessment > Outcomes


Certification Approval : In most cases, we will confirm your product's eligibility for i46 certification within one working day.

Physical Product Request : For certain scenarios, we may ask you to deliver a physical unit to our lab for more in-depth analysis

For those who pass the Initial Assessment ⬇
initial assessment
Initial Assessment > Goals

The Full Assessment

The Full Assessment is a meticulous and comprehensive evaluation of your product or software, designed to provide you with a clear roadmap for achieving compliance.
Our experts, with their deep understanding of the CRA's requirements, will delve into every aspect of your product. This thorough examination covers architecture, security posture, development processes, data handling, and potential vulnerabilities. No detail is overlooked as we analyze your product against the stringent CRA standards.

The result is a personalized action plan, outlining the precise adjustments needed to ensure your product meets all compliance criteria.


• Design documents (if available),

• Installation script for your software,
• Any other relevant document.


• A detailed list of changes required for certification, pinpointing areas for improvement and ensuring compliance with the CRA's robust security standards.


• Phase 2 typically takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your product and the agility of our collaborative efforts.

Product Assessment FAQ

To get started with i46 Monitoring, you will need to create an account and then add your systems and devices. Once this step has been completed, you can start tracking telemetry data and setting up alerts.

In order to add a new device to the platform, you need to be comfortable with the command terminal as you will need to execute two commands. 

In case that you run into any issue during device setup, our support team will be able assist you.

i46 store devices’ data on servers located in Europe (for cloud services). In the case of a private server, the customer can select the location. Collecting and storing your devices’ data enables i46 to provide features such as predictions (e.g: when will the disk of device 123 become full?) and detect anomalies that could be caused by an attack on your infrastructure.

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You can monitor as many devices as your subscription plans allow you to: from one device to a million devices.


You can set up alerts on the i46 platform to notify you when a telemetry metric exceeds a certain threshold. To set up an alert, you will need to do the following:

  • Select the telemetry metric that you want to monitor
  • Set the threshold value for the metric
  • Select the alert conditions
  • Select the notification methods

The benefits of using i46 platform include:

  • The ability to track telemetry data from a variety of systems and devices
  • The ability to set up alerts to notify you when there is a potential problem
  • The ability to predict future values of telemetry data
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Affordability

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