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As Innovation cycles are accelerating, i46 invests heavility in R&D to keep up with the pace of the industry and stay ahead of the curve.

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Project Objective:

Major Challenge 4: embedding data analytics and artificial intelligence

Project Idea:

The migration of AI-based systems from the cloud to the EDGE is a process that involves more than simply increasing processing power and storage of the EDGE device (HW) and finding a solution for the training of the algorithm (SW).

Multiple features need to be considered, namely: security, data privacy, interfacing with the external world and remote software upgrade.

Our project will focus directly on those aspects of AI EDGE computing by offering an open-source open hardware development best practices that will enable IoT manufacturers to provide platforms that can answer the current and future needs of developers of EDGE sensors.

In order to achieve this goal, we will provide multiple reference implementations of a modular architecture that is designed for the use of AI on the EDGE and we will implement multiple use cases based on this architecture.


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